High value homes

Alastair James

Specialising in insurance of high value homes, contents and valuables

Why choose a specialist high value home insurance policy?  There are countless providers of insurance, either through online facilities or via call centres, which will claim to provide comprehensive cover at the cheapest possible price for your most valuable assets – your home, contents and valuables.  However, many of these products contain limiting restrictions and it is not until the unfortunate time comes when a person has suffered a loss and needs to make a claim that they discover they are not as protected as they thought, sometimes with devastating consequences.

A specialist high value home insurance, or “high net worth” policy, is typically “warranty free” which means it will not contain many of the limits or restrictions that are found in an off-the-shelf insurance policy, such as an onerous alarm or locks requirement, for example.  Equally, the levels of protection offered by a specialist high value home insurance policy are far greater than those of a standard policy.

High value buildings and contents insurance

If you own a large house and have a high level of contents, you will find that the standard home insurance market is unable to provide appropriate cover to properly protect your assets. Instead, they are structured for the one size fits all mass-market, which offers little flexibility for those who require more bespoke cover.

Listed property insurance

Living in a listed building can be a wonderful experience for the owner, taking enjoyment from many rare architectural features and unique designs. However, such properties are also subject to stricter legislation and regulations when it comes to repair and reinstatement.

Renovation insurance and building works

In a recent survey conducted by international specialist insurer, Hiscox Insurance, it was found that the number of homeowners in the UK choosing to improve their homes rather than move has risen fivefold in the last five years. UK local councils have seen a 29% rise in in the number of planning permission requests over the last ten years.

Second home insurance and holiday home insurance

The majority of high net worth insurance companies are able to include second homes within the same policy as your main home with one common renewal date, offering similar levels of cover, which is particularly useful if you have items of value at both homes.